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When you’re past weary

Struggling to be best

The “less is more” theory

Reminds us we’re blessed.

From Poems of BREVITY

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Continues when

We don’t.

Things To Do In My Next Life

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1. Be someone above complete obsurity, with name recognition next to God’s. Okay, maybe that’s too lofty a goal, but I want to be more than so-and-so in the back beside what’s-his-name. Who am I now? A clone, an unknown Joe, a face in the crowd, a drop in the ocean, a sheep in a flock, a cliché in the dictionary. A statistic for average. Normalcy incarnated, a fingerprint mass-produced.

2. Be shamelessly extravagant. Surround myself with expensive clutter. Live a glossy life. Increase myself by self-indulgence.

3. Be respectably intimidating. Give the kiss of death with a smile.

4. Be plugged-in, pumped-up, ready to rock and roll or whatever the hipped-up version of the Boy Scout motto is that day. Be prepared is so passé.

5. Be coveted. Let others be jealous of me.

6. Be animated. Walk and talk like a living cartoon.

7. Be right. Always, even…

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Poetry Post

Originally posted on My Books:


Love protects

Not by keeping

Harm at bay.

It tends

By being there.

From Poems of BREVITY

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Travels in

A heartbeat.

Poetry Post


Another day

To say

What I won’t.

Another day

To pray

What I don’t.

Another day

To try to be

Better than me.

                From Poems of BREVITY












Is our

Greatest joy.


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