Gives us

Everlasting quality.

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July 27-31, 2014

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I can’t expect

Each day perfect,

The world spins

Ignoring our sins.


Stealing and lying,

Innocent people dying;

We celebrate gory

Where’s the glory?


Hunger and thirst,

Blessed and cursed;

People doing without

Living in doubt.


Yet we survive

When we strive.

One after another

Loving each other.















Love unlocks

The soul.













Is a

Daily adventure.











Venture into

The heart.

An Online Advantage

Originally posted on MY BOOKS:


SECOND BLESSING is available in paperback and Kindle Edition, but the e-book’s advantage is red print. Here’s an example:

Mildred Stanford Hayes finds Francis Paul Day’s notepad in her purse after her Holy Communion chaos of choking on the Host. Decides it’s her sacred duty to read it, to save Damascus from this heathen. 

Mildred picked up the notepad, as gently as patting out biscuits, which felt strangely heavy. Flipped open the cover, read:

Resurrection Journal of Francis Paul Day

Keep out

The large and sloppy printing looked worst than a backward child’s. He even wrote in red ink, how blasphemous and dramatic.

Heave-sighed. Flipped the page. Father, forgive me for the filth I’m about to see.

October 16, 1987: I am born again.

Snorted. Rolled her eyes. Wanted to throw-up. Humph! Pish and pshaw! Yeah and pigs fly. Glanced at the ceiling. Oh Lord, help me. Must I really…

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